The Invitation


Author: Sixto Paz Wells
Editorial: Editores V & P 
Spanish version: Los Guías Extraterrestres

Prologue to the Sixth Edition

Several years have gone by since the first publication of this book. Since then, there has been an increase in experiences, both in number and intensity, as well as an increase in the profound knowledge of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence.

Today we have a clearer understanding of the Extraterrestrial Mission, its stages, errors, successes, the messages themselves, and the philosophy behind it all. The Mission has undergone much development. The teachings of the Mission have expanded our awareness of ourselves, allowing us to see things in a more responsible and reflective way, bringing us closer every day to contributing and sharing our consciousness with humanity.

The primary message of the Mission is one of change and hope, in which planet Earth, as an evolutionary plane, will undergo a test, and then ascend into a quantitative and qualitative jump towards the Fourth Dimension. It is vital that we act with commitment, so that this transformation can occur in the least traumatic and most beneficial way.

I consider this book to have fulfilled its objective (and will continue to do so) of shedding light on the purpose of extraterrestrial contacts. The authenticity of their presence and communications has been repeatedly verified (e.g., in the recent event in March 26,

1989, when journalists from various nations had the opportunity to witness the appearance of a spaceship in a close encounter programmed through messages received by telepathic means). It was the fifth occurrence of this kind, setting a new stage for the RAMA Mission in Peru and in the rest of the world.

The current moral and ethical crisis that plagues humanity demands that we follow the teachings and the orientations of our Elder Brothers or Extraterrestrial Guides, as well as our connection with the other beings throughout the Cosmos, in order to establish a bridge of light and hope for our future.

I consider it our duty to present this information to youthful spirits everywhere who are committed to daily personal change toward progress and lasting peace for all. On the threshold of entering the Aquarian Age, an era which will usher in a…

Table of Contents

  Prologue to the Edition 9
Chapter I From an Amateur Astronomer to an Eminent «Ufologist» 11
Chapter II First Contact 19
Chapter III The Sighting that Would Confirm Everything 29
Chapter IV Interpreting a Prophesy 37
Chapter V At the Threshold of Space and Time: The Xendra 45
Chapter VI Morlen, an Evolved Civilization 51
Chapter VII The Council of the Twenty-Four Elders: Incredible Revelations 69
Chapter VIII The Secret of the Pyramids 82
Chapter IX Cosmic Names and Cesium Crystals 87
Chapter X Marcahuasi: Incredible Revelations 92
Chapter XI The Positive Internal Government of the Planet 104
Chapter XII The Guardian of the Cavern 111
Chapter XIII Journalists Become Witnesses 122
Chapter XIV The Mystery of the Carved Stones of Ica 130
Chapter XV The Testimony of Benitez 134
Chapter XVI We Only Value What is Already Loust 137
Chapter XVII The Communications of the New Time 143
Chapter XVIII Sillarhuasi’s Objective 153
Chapter XIX The Tenth Bell Stroke Of ANROOM 173
  Epilogue 205
Appendix 1 Names of Guides of the RAMA MISSION 209
Appendix 2 Significant Symbols of RAMA 210
Appendix 3 Select Communications 212
Appendix 4 Developing Extrasensory Perception 222
Appendix 5 Understanding the Basic Mechanics of a Contact 226
  The RAMA Glossary of Terms 237
  About the Author 274


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